A dollar,  a coin, a will

Drunk on pain

Dazed by thought

Thought of playin games

ended up doing naught

A golden coin

A silver mine

a treasure trove

A money grove

as many search

and few do find

success in writing

and have time to continue,

the will of the writer

the mind of an author,

the beauty of a poet

and the view of an artist,

all of them are one

with the exception of their trade,

but the fact remains standing

that their skill

and thought

leads to a work of art

etched into paper,

canvas, technology

for all to find

and all to read.

Do any of you have the will

the idea and skill set

to follow your dream and make it come true?


New View

We all share different views

Some old, some new.

We all wish to have our say

trying to get our own ways.

We all assume we are right

We all cause opinionated fights.

We all need to change our views

and we all need to end our feuds.

Accept the fact that we may be wrong.

We don’t see what the other person sees…

One-sided views aren’t the keys.

Change your view

and you’ll see the world a new.