Distant winds

A whistling breeze

Chills the skin in the cold of night,

As they gather from distant lands

And caress your skin.
So gentle

As to keep you entranced

As the starry night sky

Shimmers above you.
Softly the leaves rustle again

Startling the hooting owl

As a chill runs down your spine

As the icy breeze blows again.
Distant winds

Gathered at your feet.

Cold yet sweet,

As a sweet good nights kiss.


Booming Voices

I slwoly wake

To hear your screams

The agony and pain

The contortions of your dreams

as the voices that surround you

your mind and soul

an endless nightmare

Clarity your goal.
Clawing at your dreams

facing your reality

Your fears a booming echo

of agonizing uncertainty

as the voices never stop

Just waiting for your gaurd to drop.

Can’t you see me? 

So, we all got our demons.”
our demons may differ slightly,

as I said, mines, a shadow,

A mystery that exists,

that few know.
You see him,

but few notice.

Like a ghost,

he vanishes at night

and as loyal as he is

returns by day.
“We all have our fears.”
Tears are strolling,

no longer controlling.

pain, loss, hatred, death.

all hurt the same,some less.
“We’re all lost.”
Trying to find

only to find it trying itself.

Our paths long lost

our roads seemingly gone.

we wander in search,

hoping to find our way back.
“Sorry for this suckish section. I think I should remove this book. It already hurts before I write here. Writing just reminds me of the pain…”
I walk away, the question still in the air.

“Do I stay Do I go?”

Final Change

Bleeding and bruised 

I’d walk away 

with endless nights of thought 

I’d lay awake, 


what else life would take.. 
For weeks turned to dust

And days, 

Oh days would rust

Till only its framework would show

As hollow as though 

By just a simple touch

It would crumble.
And yet, 

I would change every night 

A new thought 

A new idea, 

And yet this night

This dark night, 

It seems different

As the final change should

Yet,  I’m scared 

As to what awaits

Just as man should. 

Pain and Bliss

Healing drops

Silver in colour

Able to mend broken hearts

Simple tear drops. 
Pain may seem torture

But without pain

Would we know bliss

Would we remember joy

Would we be able to love? 
Thouhts can be draining, 

Demanding, insane,  constant. 

They can cause joy,  pain, sorrow, 

But they  are the hopes for tomorrow.