Matters of Heaven and Earth

Angels will weep

when a mortal will laugh

screaming from agony

while mortals still laugh.

from silent, silent rain

come forth such tears of pain

as to sooth a mortal’s every joy,

since childhood, whether girl or boy…


Final fall… forever frays… Fear,

for peaceful pride and play

such simple matters…

To a mortal’s rise and joy.


While the angels descend

fearful, writhing in pain

for being cast down in such pitiful rain,

now they seek to make amends

But, blatant brutalities

for fear of not

their task would finish

Just as they finish their lot…


such sorrow, such sadness

for a lost cause and lost joy

Redeeming matters

To a fallen angel’s last ploy.


“My wings have been clipped

by immortal hands,

caging me to walk these lands.

In my search to grace the Heavens

I’ve made beasts from steel

to cross the skies.

Yet those immortal hands,

they deny me flight…

Casting me forever into these mortal lands.”


Searching still, fidgeting more

the pain still clear in my mind

after countless years.

“Father you have seen my will,

Yet you deny me still.

I have tried all i could find!”

Pleading never calmed my fears.


With my mind near rest, I stood where one stands.

“I’ve given up my fight.

My life is yours to command.”

Reaching out to the empty skies

My final memory of all I feel

I start my count in groups of sevens

as I see flashes of such grands

being carried of to my lost lands

as the final grain had skipped.


New View

We all share different views

Some old, some new.

We all wish to have our say

trying to get our own ways.

We all assume we are right

We all cause opinionated fights.

We all need to change our views

and we all need to end our feuds.

Accept the fact that we may be wrong.

We don’t see what the other person sees…

One-sided views aren’t the keys.

Change your view

and you’ll see the world a new.

Ashes to Ashes

War may break the hearts of many, 

Steal their lives, wealth a pleanty. 

It will ruin their cities 

And ravage their plains. 

Lives lay wasted 

Men dead at hand. 

Savage lands 

Stake their claims

Ruining lives

Its all just a game. 
The hills stained red, 

The lands cratered.
ashes to ashes

Remember  the dead