Silent Screams

For every person there is a struggle.

Every person has a struggle

and it may be nothing to one person

and to another it could be a overbearing mountain.

A path they were forced to take as they tried to carry on.

Not many could carry such burdens on a road that was as steep

and many fall in those paths,

their eyes glued to the ground as they scream.

As their souls cry out

for help.

For someone to help them.

To guide them. To give them support.

But everyone walks past them

focused on their path,

believing they can carry on without aid,

soon to find themselves falling as well in their footsteps.


We all scream silently

as we cry out for help.

Some walk their paths,

bearing scars from their struggles.

Some crawl, their souls in ruins,

from screaming silently,

but never being helped.

Others mask their pain.

These masks,

hiding the cuts and the bruises.

The cloaks they bare,

Hiding the knives in their souls.


Few manage to walk their paths

with an ease unlike before,

but they walk it at a price.

They walk their paths,

ignorant of the cuts they gain.

Ignorant of the knives stabbing them.

Ignorant of the evil in their way.

Yet, they stop,

They give a hand to those who have fallen.

They reach out to those who were bruised.

They caress the soul of those with the mask.

They open up the world

and clear the way,

for those who have fallen,


they walk on.

They never reach their end.


This does not make them fools.

This does not make them unhappy.

This does not make them fall in their steps.

A fool would not,

Silence the scream and pain of others.

A fool would not,

Be unaware of their own pain.


To be ignorant of the pain,

to be able to help many,

a wiseman must fall.

for it is the wiseman

that will lead the tortured to bliss.

It is the wiseman,

that chose the path of pain,

for he understands the silent screams

and it is him,

who leads the lost and fallen,

back onto their feet.


He will wander the world,

as he ages

guiding the lost.

He will heal the pain

and the broken,

to continue their journey.

While he loses himself

to the silent screams.


A Lashing

My mind was fuzzy

as I felt my body numbing,


screaming for relief

from the eternal lashing.


Refusing to recuperate,

denying a calm living,


attacking my thoughts

though lashing at me…


Slowly, the pain rises

reaching a peak


washing over me,

as my body fades away.


Drifting away,

detached from myself,


the lashing continues,

for my mind is not at ease…


Turmoil ensues,

haunted by dreams,


prayed on in the dark,

silenced by my body…


A dollar,  a coin, a will

Drunk on pain

Dazed by thought

Thought of playin games

ended up doing naught

A golden coin

A silver mine

a treasure trove

A money grove

as many search

and few do find

success in writing

and have time to continue,

the will of the writer

the mind of an author,

the beauty of a poet

and the view of an artist,

all of them are one

with the exception of their trade,

but the fact remains standing

that their skill

and thought

leads to a work of art

etched into paper,

canvas, technology

for all to find

and all to read.

Do any of you have the will

the idea and skill set

to follow your dream and make it come true?

Can’t you see me? 

So, we all got our demons.”
our demons may differ slightly,

as I said, mines, a shadow,

A mystery that exists,

that few know.
You see him,

but few notice.

Like a ghost,

he vanishes at night

and as loyal as he is

returns by day.
“We all have our fears.”
Tears are strolling,

no longer controlling.

pain, loss, hatred, death.

all hurt the same,some less.
“We’re all lost.”
Trying to find

only to find it trying itself.

Our paths long lost

our roads seemingly gone.

we wander in search,

hoping to find our way back.
“Sorry for this suckish section. I think I should remove this book. It already hurts before I write here. Writing just reminds me of the pain…”
I walk away, the question still in the air.

“Do I stay Do I go?”

Thoughts of Murder

The dangers in my head

would leave you running scared.

What’s inside my mind

would make you run and hide.


This is a warning

to all my enemies.

The horror’s rising

Run away from me.


It’s not you

It’s just me

And my history

The death of mystery.


My thoughts are dangerous

they’d kill you in your sleep.

My mind is hideous

with all the threats they keep.

My mind is running wild

and searching for clarity.


This is a warning

to all my  enemies.

The horror is rising,

Stay away from me…


Don’t try to stand and fight

I’m closing from the left and right

Tonight is the night,

You’ll scream from fright.

My mind is running wild

and looking for a bite.


My thoughts are dangerous,

They’d kill you in your sleep.

My mind is hideous,

with all the threats they keep.

My mind is running wild

and searching for clarity.


Come no closer

I won’t force you

run away and scream

from this unreal dream,

this Nightmare

that’ll never end.


This nightmare

that’ll never end.

Ashes to Ashes

War may break the hearts of many, 

Steal their lives, wealth a pleanty. 

It will ruin their cities 

And ravage their plains. 

Lives lay wasted 

Men dead at hand. 

Savage lands 

Stake their claims

Ruining lives

Its all just a game. 
The hills stained red, 

The lands cratered.
ashes to ashes

Remember  the dead