Crystal-light Guide


world was

dark with a few

flickering flames to let

you know you are not alone.

And every few moments,

A bright flash would hit the eyes

and shimmer with a radiance rarely seen.



every few steps

seems to let the light

flare and glow brighter

guiding you closer

the crystal-light grew.

Every step closer

you feel its warmth grow.

The warmth entering your body,

your mind, your soul.


Little did you know,

this crystal-light guide,

you are so eager to chase,

was merely you, following the light

you radiate.


Author: Poetically

There is more to life than many people notice, but alot never see it. I aim to notice them and I want to find the words for them. I wish to have the world see its true beauty, even if the situations are grim.

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