Glory of a Man

Since I was young

You were there

A caring figure

Always right there.

A glory of a man

A confident

A friend

A glory of a man.

Your silent embrace

When I had tears in my face

Your kind words

That motivate.

Now all gone.

Why’d you fall?

Was it cruel fate

Was I to late?

Now my tears roll free

With your missing embrace

My tears stroll down my face

Having only just your memory.

Goodbye uncle

I wish it could be

That I still had you

And not just a memory.

Live on

Be free

I know

You were

A glory of a man


Author: Poetically

There is more to life than many people notice, but alot never see it. I aim to notice them and I want to find the words for them. I wish to have the world see its true beauty, even if the situations are grim.

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