A Man Now Lost


the man cried out in vain

as his world seemed to collapse

under the strain

from his mental state

as the pain

of a chipping heart

lead him on.


Once, twice and three times more

he said things he regretted more

and still his heart,

broken and bruised

from what he said

still ensured

that his mistakes would plague

his shattered mind.


The man spoken of

had cried out in pain

as he kept hurting

what had remained.


He pleaded and begged

for things to heal

a plea that was crushed

under life’s heel.


and now as he stood before deaths door

he wondered if she would break him down more.


Tried as she might,

the man seemed pleased,

as he fell for death

who seized his heart

not knowing that

he had already fallen apart.


since meeting death

the man was restored

she treated him well

even if he didnt deserve it anymore.

he tried to repay her favour

and tried treating her better

but failure was all

he couldn’t do better.


He hurt death as he did with life before

and so he stood again

at another door,

scared, broken, and heartless

hoping to hurt no one more.




Author: Poetically

There is more to life than many people notice, but alot never see it. I aim to notice them and I want to find the words for them. I wish to have the world see its true beauty, even if the situations are grim.

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