The pebble and the wall

Before you now

A towering wall,

The likes of which 

Would kill you when you fall.
As strong as it appears

It has a weakness.

Just like yours

Which sends you to tears.
The wall may stop many things

But take a pebble

And throw it at the wall

And you can chip at it

Turning it to rubble.
The pebble though small

Puny compared to the wall

Can break it down

And cause severe damage

Its a threat to all.
The wall must be maintained

To last for many days,

But the pebbles are all around

Scattered on the ground

The earth thus stained.
To maintain and keep

To fix and repair

The damage over time

Is quick and easy

But the scars and marks 

The holes and chipped

The cracks and breaks

May never leave.
A reminder, that the pebble is stronger than the keep.

That the wall, to a pebble shall fall


Author: Poetically

There is more to life than many people notice, but alot never see it. I aim to notice them and I want to find the words for them. I wish to have the world see its true beauty, even if the situations are grim.

3 thoughts on “The pebble and the wall”

  1. This is such a brilliantly executed piece of art.. I can’t even begin to explain the ways i could identify with your message… We all have our walls that we construct around us to keep ourselves safe from others. But these pebbles are all around. Maybe they won’t be able to break our walls, but they are completely capable of scarring and creating dents on our ‘strong’ exteriors.. and we have to accept those dents and live with them.
    Keep writing more♥️ best regards from my side 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. But my meaning behind it is not that the walls are meant to keep us safe, but rather that they cage us and keep us from seeing what more is to life. And yet these towering walls can crumble so easily, but most live in this cage, not able to see they can escape


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