Final Change

Bleeding and bruised 

I’d walk away 

with endless nights of thought 

I’d lay awake, 


what else life would take.. 
For weeks turned to dust

And days, 

Oh days would rust

Till only its framework would show

As hollow as though 

By just a simple touch

It would crumble.
And yet, 

I would change every night 

A new thought 

A new idea, 

And yet this night

This dark night, 

It seems different

As the final change should

Yet,  I’m scared 

As to what awaits

Just as man should. 


Author: Poetically

There is more to life than many people notice, but alot never see it. I aim to notice them and I want to find the words for them. I wish to have the world see its true beauty, even if the situations are grim.

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